When and where?


beautiful : i love snow! But it must be really cold!!!


Yeaaah, something around - 10°C :grimacing:


I’m a weird person, I really wouldn’t. There’s an eeriness that I really like about it, for example, how everything turns silent when it descends. You can’t hear cars or birds and there’s no wind.


Sunset was pretty amazing today but I only managed to snap this picture


The air felt pink in my area for some reason.



Well, there is always a small hurricane :tornado: (or at least it feels like that) :joy:


What if I told you I really like wind? I’m that one idiot that sticks his head out the window of a moving car like a dog. :joy:






I honestly have enough of this f****** weather :unamused: so I was glad to see the sun for few hours today :heart_eyes:


How can you get bored of it?


Skiing in such cold and wind twice a day becomes a little boring after a week… And also not seeing the sun… Thankfully we’re going home tomorrow :sweat_smile:


I’d give anything to not see the sun.


the sun is undervalued :joy: is one of those things that we only miss when we dont have assess to it :joy:


You know, I’m not usually like that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: in summer I’d have exactly the same opinion as you :sweat_smile:


Trust me, I’m the guy that seeks the darkest possible place most of the time.


Summer wins! @lpfan61! We wiiiiiin!


Yaaaaay!! Finally!! :tada: :tada: :blush: :heart_eyes: :hugs: :sun_with_face:


Never will, winter is the sea on that’s definitely underrated. People should give more appreciation to winter than what it gets, winter is beautiful too you know. :sunglasses: