When and where?


all this talk about summer vs winter only makes me think about Olaf :joy::joy::joy:


I loathe summer and I loathe Frozen.


Your Christmas tree was nice ! :smile:

But look at that snoowww! :heart_eyes: Same like @theearlywalker sent me one day! To build snowmaannnn !

You guys really got too pretty snaps! :heart_eyes: The sun sets behind the building these days so all i can see is the sky after that, orangey blushy… :slightly_smiling_face:

Was truly amaaazingg!! :smiley: Soo beautiful. [quote=“theearlywalker, post:5104, topic:11720”]
Towel art

You made it? :joy::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: What’s it’s name?

That’s soo cool you both were there ! That looks nice lightened up! :sparkles:

Don’t say that. It’s perfect snowman weather! :heart_eyes:

Seeeee!! Someone agreees :heart_eyes:

I really liked that architecture :smiley:[quote=“manypintas, post:5142, topic:11720”]
i love snow!

Another one to agree! :heart_eyes::joy:

I am taking that pic away.! Thanks :smile:

Where are you? :flushed: No green . All white? :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

:sweat_smile: Ow it’s okie. That’s extra brighty sun ! And a (non) sunshiny hug :hugs:


Nooo please . Summer here is soo humid it’s like hell no! Too irritating!

My words :+1:

Alright. 300+ posts summarised here. I’ll head to next. Idk till what time i am up…hehe … get some likes cause I’ll soon be out of it! :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:


That was easy :joy:


Considering your summers I’d probably prefer winter too haha.


Yeah, it was really dense this year. We’ve still got it up, my mum doesn’t want to get rid of it. lol



Yea that was really dense and pretty … hehe keep it lil more lol.

@chigokurosaki thanks for the quote. Got me a nice start at morning! :blush:


Morning everyone!:grin: Eating breakfast!

@the_termin8r and @rickvanmeijel why do you loathe frozen? :joy::joy::joy:


Overrated nonsense, Tangled is miles better.


Never seen it


Until you have to shovel it.


Which I’m about to do lmao. I actually don’t mind it too much, there are worse things. :joy:


Firstly I have to confess I’ve never seen it. Secondly, I hate how it has infiltrated our culture. I was constantly being brainwashed by that freakin Let it go song




Even if it’s orange on the picture, it’s pink in reality. :heart_eyes:


I actually didn’t like Tangled so much, Disney’s old movies were so much better. But yeah, frozen was a little overrated.



This morning.


The other day.





It’s currently 7°F (-14°C), but with the windchill, it feels like -9 (-23).

We received a little bit of snow overnight, and I was woken up to go in and help shovel on my day off. If I wasn’t getting paid for it, I would have just stayed in bed.

And this is from the bottom of the street I live on