When and where?


Oh wow- that looks like a lot of work- and after I shoveled last week like an idiot with real muscle ache for three days- I can really feel you! Stay strong and enjoy the rest of your - hopefully calm- Sunday Andy @LP13413 :muscle:t2::grin:




This one made me think of the old Windows XP image


LOL, the field was actually more hill-y than it looks in the pic. We were out on a farm in the middle of nowhere launching model rockets.


This morning


This morning.


Early morning

Canal walks



Living room at home



It’s snowing now!



Snowing on my side too but it’s not sticking, I was walking through it in Uxbridge, then it left me behind, and then I caught up to it and had to walk through it in my area too :joy:. No complaints though.


Greenwich this morning

Squirrel friend

Snow (screenshot of original cause apparently the size is too big)


Little walk during lunch break yesterday:


@Lilyope It’s so pretty!!!

This morning at work


Woke up to this. There wasn’t much in my area.

At the train station this morning.


Been having amazing sunrises over here these days!


I’m so jealous of the U.K. skies.


My current view


Kind of lab?

Although it is still dark, I can see some snow that fell tonight.