When and where?


It means: what the hell, we want spring!


Really? What if I told you that I had to ski/race in THIS


Speak for yourself there lmao, we winter people hate the heat you know. :joy:


Not talking about the heat of Sahara but sun and green leaves instead of rain, cold wind and overwhelming greyness. :yum:


Who said anything about the desert lol. We just hate heat in general as you summer people do the cold.


I’m in the spring party then :slight_smile:


If only flowers grew in winter, that would be nice. That and nice skies like summer has. But still, nothing beats the snow. :sunglasses:


You are right with the snow. But here winter means no snow, but rain, cold wind and everything looks grey and hopeless.


Don’t you live in Germany? It must be a place that doesn’t get much snow then. Then again, there’s not a lot here in Ohio either :roll_eyes: winter just isn’t winter without snow.


Poland. Close to Germany. We used to have snowy winters over thirty years ago. Now winter got replaced with a season with no name (decription as above)


That’s exactly what it looks like outside right now :roll_eyes: and i still got two racing weekends to go



It snowed overnight :heart_eyes:


A few photos from last night


Thank you! :+1::heart_eyes:




Roundhouse, London, last night :star_struck:



One of my favourite photos from Sunday night!!