When did you guys get your LPU package? (AUS)


Not sure where to post this, first post

Just bought the LPU13 pack and a few other things, I live in Australia and was wondering when other Aussies received their parcels? well… How long it took?
I really want it now ahahahah

Also, side note. Digging the song Primo on the demos for LPU13!


I can’t talk for Australia, because I live in Europe. But the delivery always takes about 2 month. Don’t worry :wink:


most likely it’ll take a month to get to Australia…


Well… I live in Brazil and it took two months and a half!! I bought it in the end of december.
I was getting crazy too… [lol]


I live in Germany and I bought it in November and get it January-2 month


I’m from Russia… I was booking my package in November, but he came only in January


My package came and then went back ! :smiley:

Not sure when grndctrl will send it back but they said they will !