When do presale tickets ship?


how long do you think it will take our tickets to get shipped to us? I know on ticketmaster you usually get them with in a week depending on what shipping method you pick.


What did the website say?


I used regualar mail instead of ups to save $4 hahaha. When I ordered my tickets, it said expected ship date 8/10/12 and my concert is 8/24/12. In the past, I’ve received my tickets at least a month or longer before the show.


From my past experience, you receive your ticket(s) 1-2 weeks before the show.


I would have to say that in the past that my tickets have arrived about 1 month (or more) ahead of the actual concert date. You should have plenty of time, and if you still don’t get your tickets with about 1-2 weeks left, then I would definitely give them a call at that time to figure out where the tickets are.


This should be true. My show is on the 8/21 and the website says they will ship 8/07


Each venues tickets will ship at different times, it all depends on the date. I’m sure they are going to allow enough time for standard mail to get to you prior to the shows. I wouldn’t worry about it, but if you want an actual answer email the help team…they can help.


Last time I bought LP tickets months in advance, but didn’t receive them until 2 weeks before the show. It really made me nervous having to wait all that time!!


Thanks guys, but I just now noticed where it said the ship date on the bottom of the order.