When missing Chester you


What do you do?:pray::sleepy::heavy_heart_exclamation:️I just cry idk


Stop creating duplicated post or spam, please. If you want to share something do it, but be sure that there is not a topic.

@derek or @jFar920 please.


I’m not by the way i really do miss Chester im lost


I know that you miss him, we all do, but there is a topic with this:

You can check out there.


You’re this way on the app too.
If it’s legit then I’m sorry for what I’ll say and please get professional help, but if you’re trolling, please gtfo and let honest people find peace


I don’t know what to do


I just need to let it out


Like I said if you’re an honest person, you can find a number of threads similar to yours-you making new ones doesn’t do much for your credibility
I almost always reach out to help, everyone here does but maybe you’re going about it the wrong way and you’ve had people reach out to you before this isn’t a first time thing


I’m sorry but it’s true I really need to talk about it


Nobody of us will be unfriendly- but your last thread was edited by our mod @derek and closed then.

Show us your face and stop doing new threads- participate in excisting threads- join the gaming area and get in contact! It’s very easy actually!

Jump over to maybe the grief thread, or the lpu friends support thread! Tag one of us and we will be there @LPlover92


:cry: sorry :neutral_face: I’m new here


Thats ok- no worries! Click on the @-tag on your notifications - I tag you now in an excisting threat- just answer there and everything is cool! :sunglasses:


Yes, please discuss your feelings in one of the many threads in https://forum.linkinpark.com/c/we-love-you-chester

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