When was your best Linkin Park show and why?


Hey guys and gals!

I was just curious to know what was the best moment you lived at a Linkin Park show. Mine was in Montreal, February of 2011.

I had the best 4 seconds of my life when Chester decided to get down the stage during Crawling, grasped my hand and brought the mic between us as we sang together.

Instant orgasm.


I got the chance to be in the mosh pit of the performance in Tampa, Florida during the projekt revolution tour in 2004. Literally one of the best times I’ve ever had.


In Leipzig I think. I was also in Berlin in 2010 and I got chosen for the M&G both times and I had two wonderful evenings. But I’ say Leipzig, because it was open-air and the setlist included A Place For My Head :smiley:


stuttgart 2010, for the same reason as you :slight_smile: i will never forget this seconds during crawling… and the best is, i just discovered a video a few day ago where you see me just in front of chester :smiley:


January 16th 2008:) beeing there with my best friends, waiting in the cold and enjoy the show:)


Oh tough question. I’ll share my favorite moment from all the concerts I’ve been to :stuck_out_tongue:

-Concert #1, 25th June 2008 - Was special cause I finally got to see them…burst into tears when they played Numb.
-Concert #2, 21st July 2009 - Meeting fellow LPU members and Mike pointing at me when I screamed in absolute silence when he shouted the LPU out.
-Concert #3, 27th October 2010 - Best one I’ve been to cause I travelled to Germany and it was absolutely amazing.


My only one so far :frowning:
Munich 25.06.2011 :DDDDDDD


[quote=StanleyElite]My only one so far :frowning:
Munich 25.06.2011 :DDDDDDD

The first one is usually the best! :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve been to 14 LP shows, and I have to say that Manchester, NH in 2008 was the best… I don’t know why it was so great. It was such a random venue and the band was just on fucking FIRE. Chester came down into the crowd, I’ve been to other LP shows that he has done that, but this one was just special… And they played such a great set. It had APFMH, My December, Valentine’s Day and more. They also did Umbrella by Rihanna. Haha


Brno, the Czech Republic, in 2008. I was disappointed, but it was the only LP show I’ve attended so far. I hope that it changes this year.


Last night’s Sydney Entertainment Centre Living Things concert just moved up on my list for my best LINKIN PARK show! from start til end the energy level was so high! it was a pretty HECTICCC night & the best thing is they played all of my favorite songs from all of their album!


Berlin June 5, 2012 was awesome! I don’t expect to see them in such a small venue again…
Mike climbing on the speaker during In The End was epic :smiley:


In Leipzig, Germany, June 18th 2011! It had been almost 8 months since last concert, and the last concert where my first where I really fell in love with their music. So I was really looking forward to that concert!
I was concerned because I hate standing in a crowd for hours, with people pushing. But at that concert, nobody ever pushed, it was an oper air concert, and it felt like it was just us in the crowd and Linkin Park in the world right then…
My best friend who also was there, was at the M&G and we thought we couldn’t stand together since I was standing so close to the stage, but the security thought she was working for LP or something, because she had the sign from M&G and she was talking (to me) at the phone. We also came to second row after everybody wanted to be close to Chester when he walked out to the crowd while singing “breaking the habit”!
We got a bottle of water from Mike and almost a drumstick from Rob :wink: Everything about that concert was just perfect, and so much better than expected!!
Sorry for this looong message, but I just have to share it :wink:

10 days after that concert, we went to the concert in Norway, and even though I had the amazing M&G, I can’t say that that concert was my best one. I had to stand in a far distance from the stage because everybody was pushing so much! (Festival = a lot of beers…) People in the front were pushed so hard that the security would have to take them away, they had breathing problems :stuck_out_tongue: Even the band said that we had to take it easy out there and take care of each other. They have also said that Norway has had the wildest crowd they’ve seen! :slight_smile:


Projekt Revolution 2008/2007 Atlanta GA. Great heavy bands and a good setlist


I been to 5 shows, but I think the best show I went too was the first one. I never felt an energy from a band before since the first time I saw them. It was March 2008 in Vegas.


Tough decision between Mannheim 2008 because of the best setlist or Berlin 2012 because it was such a small venue.


I went to 3 shows. The first one (Oeiras Alive, Lisbon, June 8, 2007) was amazing, I saw the band for the first time and chester’s voice was still very good. But the best one of the three was last year Rock In Rio in May 26, so many energy, and so many old songs that I thought LP will never played like With You, Runaway. To see all of those songs played one after another, well, blown my mind.