When were you First Hooked to Linkin Park?


I was in 7th grade (1998) when i was introduced to LP. At the time they were known as “Xero” Then “Hybrid Theory”. I had both Demo’s and was immediately hooked.

From then on I’m Still hooked ! Keep making great music Linkin Park !


For me it was '99 with the release of the Hybrid Theory - Hybrid Theory EP.
When I first heard Carousel I was like HOLY F*** man this is amazing.
It did funny things to my ear drums :slight_smile:

I have been a fan since and even through ATS I was still a fan though not a massive fan of the style change.
Living Things to me is second to Hybrid Theory. I am back in love with the band like I was from day one.


When I first heard Crawling… I’m like, 0_0 holy f*** yes!! LMAO


It was on 2001 when I heard In The End on the radio.
I was in a cyber cafe doing my school homework when ITE started to sound on radio. I pay attention to the sound because the piano intro was so “shocked” xD

It was like a new sound for me and I get impressed with the song that I couldn’t forget it till the time I went to sleep.


I think it was in 2009 after i saw the MTV World Stage Project Revolution Concert


2000 for me. was a hard time in my life with parents splitting up and all the carry on that came with that. Then i herd Linkin Park - In The End on the radio on the way to a football match, pulled over into a mall, bought the album and havnt looked back since then. Cause really… in the end… it doesnt matter!


I’m going to sound like a real noob here, but Given Up and Bleed It Out when a friend showed them to me. Then back then I was a real big Transformers fan so seeing it in the film made me look them up more, and now I like most their albums except Meteora and some of HT.

My musical tastes have changed since then, but I love them even more.


it was when i heard ‘papercut’. first song from them i saw the music video to and was blown away!


It was in 2000 when I first heard and saw the video for one step closer. The song rocked, I thought Chester was gorgeous and I’ve been a loyal fan ever since. Love LP!!


Just as same as you are. I firstly saw their MV in 2000, it was one step closer and I was in love with this band. immediately!