When will LP be touring the US again?


I’ve not seen them yet - yes, I just started listening to them and buying their albums - I can’t be the only one “late” to the party! Rock Star entrance LOL.

I assume they will tour again next year in 2017 in support of the new album?


They will tour US and Europe this year.


Really -Where are you seeing that schedule?


They’re currently in the studio writing so when it’s time for tour, you’ll see all the announcements in the news section of the site and will be notified by email (if you are subscribed to their mailing list).


Right On!!!


Where did you hear that?


it’s obvious lol


@Daryl_K will that’s good and I know you will come to like them even more. :blush:


I’d like to know when they will tour in the US soon


@annejprado I Also want to know. I want LP to come to NY. I would be happy.



@LP13413 yeah your right we should wait, but if they do come here I will be happy.


I second that, Buffalo NY here id love to see them… we have the first Niagara center which is HUGE and they have TONS of fans here.


OMG! Their coming over to you @jarretthoyt I want to come. :grin:


Probably on Aug/Sept