When you are alone you


maaaan? Lol :stuck_out_tongue: understatement never my choice :hugging:


I blast music and/or play guitar, chill on my bed watching YT/series or whatever.


I’m going for a walk or jogging, listen music,read or watching series.


pick my nose…


That’s better than some of the other things you could have said…

When I’m alone, I sleep, do yoga, play piano, play with my cat (although in that instance, I’m not technically alone), go for a walk, ride my bike (when there’s no snow on the ground), go on my laptop


hahaha :smiley: hey Andi @LP13413
I got it as… what you don t do next to others…:XD



JK! I play out songs as LOUD as possible, like Slipknot or Stone Sour or LP or Green Day, etc.
And dance around like a weirdo lol.


Uhm, if I’m not sleeping then I’ll be playing songs as loud as possible too and pretend that I’m a vocalist while facing the mirror… I can only do that when I’m alone.


Listening to songs in high volume and playing games like tomb raider, assassins creed, batman etc


Blast music while cruising in truck screaming out lyrics to lp and fm even though I can’t sing if my life depended on it


Oh oh and come onto Lpu and look over the random things that have come up or just follow everywhere @Honey8 has been today cuz he/she? Seems to be as bored today lol


Well its she
i come here everyday…I guess most of the time of the day…
but not to this topic. lol


Dance and sing like I’m a :star2:…supa star


Practice my screaming (and singing)


I like to write poems and try and sing my favorite songs even though I suck at singing and listen to music


Like to talk to people on the web in order to don’t feel too much alone.


@Lilyope me too …your not alone!!


I am alone rn! and dancing around in the house! :joy: :dancer:


I’m free to do what I like to!yaaay! :laughing:


Ah! When will i get to type on this thread. I am so busy damn! :neutral_face: