When you are bored you


so this kinda game is about what do you do when you’re bored
i’ll start

when i’m bored i stare at the wall


Ha, this thread’s for you @the_termin8r


When I am bored I draw lpuers as stick people with explosives gift boxes :3


My thoughts exactly.

When I’m bored I tend to complain and wallow in my own misery knowing that nothing can be done about it because the dull monotony of everyday life is the biggest caner on this earth, more so even than youtube comments.


when I am bored… in the morning : I take a cup of coffee and jump into this univerese here
In the evening:I take a glass of Prosecco and join into this universe,

:joy: did I got the thread right @yolo5494


(slaps @theearlywalker with a fishy)

*did I get the thread right


again? :heart_eyes::stuck_out_tongue: ya make me :cry: meme :hugging:


Actually reply to threads instead of lurk on you all. :spy:


@derek132 …we meet again


yasssss you got it right :wink:


Hey Fangirl @derek :stuck_out_tongue:


When I am bored I watch people react to thing on you tube.


When I’m bored, I’ll either sit at the piano, read or play games on my laptop. Or, I’ll spend time here.




When I bored, I hang out at work with everyone else, even if I’m not working or I’m finished early.


When I’m bored I listen to music. Music is my only friend. I’m on my own. I’m alone… (Lol, jk)


@amscon don’t feel a lone that’s why you have us :blush:.

When I am bored I like to listen to music, watch TV or go to the store and get something to eat.


Aside from listening to music, eating is fun too. :grin:


Yup you got that right.:grin:


When i am bored i listen to music and sketch…i hope you like one of my creations :slight_smile:
thats lara croft from tomb raider