Where are all of the fans?


I’ve been a member of this forum for about week (I’ve had my account for a year but only because I didn’t know I could use my paid LPU account with a free plan) now and I’m surprised to see so few fans here. Why is it that there are only 874 topics (including this one) in the whole forum.

I’ve seen the member list and it’s fairly big, but I’m only seeing a few regulars here (you know who you are as I’ve befriended most of you). Also I know that the guys from the band are busy with concerts and the 7th album and their personal lives and what not, but have they actually ever posted in these forums? Or do they at least read them every once in a while (or at all)?


Looking at your profile on here it doesn’t look like you have access to the LPU forums, and while they aren’t super busy either, you’re missing half the forums. Right now you only have access to the normal LP.com member area.

The band members don’t post here, at least they haven’t in years. I can’t say for sure if they read the posts, but I doubt it


I bought my LPU (digital) membership one week ago, why i don’t have the “LPU XIV member” badge?


I can’t say for sure, but it happens to a lot of people for some reason. The only thing I can think of is try logging out on both the forums and the main site and logging back in


Already did it but nothing changed :confused: Well, i think i have to wait… i don’t know.


I think I haven’t seen the forums active enough ever since LPU9 (I’ve heard it was way better back in the day but I wouldn’t know since I only joined with LPU8) but overall it’s active enough as it is.
Not sure, how many LPU only topics there are since people tend not to categorize their threads (drives me kind of insane, like posting similar or same topics again and again). As for the band members, they used to lurk in here and Mike posted too once in a while but I highly doubt they do now.

We’re almost done with 14 and there are still so many members that have access issues, it’s crazy. I know a few LPU members that still don’t have access to the LPU only topics. As for the badges, I’ve noticed it takes a while to appear on someone’s profile, dunno why though.


I don’t, I used to because I got a redeem code from a CD. I still have a couple I’ve saved up but do you reckon it’s worth using them just for the LPU sections or should I save them for a better time?


I’d love to be a mod on here just for that reason, I really think a lot of the forums need a bit of cleaning (moving topics, merging, whatever else)

I can’t say for sure. The forums aren’t that much more active including the LPU sections, but it does add to it. And there’s the possibility that the site glitches and you still don’t get access anyways


@TripleXero I know right??? I always play “bad cop” and link to the already existing topic most of the time, it’s insane to have the same stuff again and again. I sometimes wonder what the mods are doing, haven’t seen any action from them in here.

@the_termin8r1 As for the codes, I’m not quite sure if they’ll work. Cause, as a trial member, you don’t have access to most parts of the LPU site, like the chat, the videos, photos etc. I don’t know if that applies for the forums as well…


Ok, thanks for the info :grinning:

So then the codes are just for access to LPU merch and for being able to use my points?


Not sure if you can access the LPU store or not to be honest, points are useless anyways. They haven’t updated that part of the store in ages.


Yeah, I realized (about the list not being updated, there used to be better stuff a couple of years ago), but when I go to the LPU store it tells me I need a membership and a redeem code is one of the options. I managed to get in before with my redeem code account.


Oh ok, you’re good then.


Going back to the question about band members visiting the forums, before I said no, but I was looking through the badges and Mike was recently given higher level permissions than the rest of the band members and now has the staff badge, so Mike could be making a comeback to the forums


I’ve noticed that a while ago actually and I caught him say something in an interview that was said here in one of the threads. Didn’t think much of it since it was around the time he did his chat and I figured he just lurked around a bit. But it’d be cool to see him back and have his feedback, if there are any decent - worth - his - attention topics.


I wanna see all of the guys in the ‘Can you touch your shoulders’ thread :laughing: