Where are photos for second group M&G London 24/11?


Morning everyone!!! I was as at the awesome Meet & Greet for London last night. I’m looking for the photos but all I can see at the mo, are photos for, presumably, the group before us. Does anyone know where our photos are?

Hope you all enjoyed the M&G xxx

P.S. Owen (my new M&G friend!) I didn’t get your user name to send you the photos I took of you & your signed flag so I’ll upload them onto here & look out for you. Hey Nick - did you take down his User name? (hope you’ve overcome the emotion of hugging Chester- you lucky git! lol!)





im missing the photos of the second meeting on 23rd as well.


Hi, thanks for replying. I hope you had a great M&G. Do you think we just need to give it a bit more time, and if they’re not up there by tomorrow evening, then email someone (ground control?) to ask where they are?

In the back of my mind I am slightly worried that because of the room we were in (it was dark & club-like) the photos didn’t come out right and that’s why they haven’t put them up! I’m sure that’s not the case though! lol!


Are you searching for this: http://linkinpark.com/media/photos/64153 ?
@Loxley @Danilo_Cordeiro_de_M


I was. Thanks for the link mate.