Where are the show downloads?


When are the downloads from the concert going to be available?? I can hardly wait to get the one from Chula Vista, it was amazing!!!


Not sure when it’ll be up :frowning: I was at the Chula Vista concert too! But I think they’re a bit backed up right now with the downloads. So I would be patient or maybe you could get a decent estimate by emailing them?



Sorry, but are you talking about audio or video downloads?


I went to the August 28th show in houston and the audio download still isn’t avaliable yet. Hope it comes out soon…


The DSPs are on linkinpark.com for U$9,99


Has anyone received the bootleg audio for Sept 4 concert?


I bought the download, it’s still not available


The shows before and after Sept 4 have been released, still nothing for Sept 4 right?