Where are you from?


Born and bred in New Zealand. A fabulous part of the world. I love to travel but will always end up back here :slight_smile:


I from Cordoba, ARGENTINA!!!


I’m from Hamburg in Germany.


I’m from Long Island myself, born and raised!


I was born in california. Lived in Minnesota my whole life. Moved out to Vegas in October… But will prolly move back to Cali or Minnesota within the next year :slight_smile:


I’m from Porto Alegre - Brazil!!!


Munich, Germany :slight_smile: Most beautiful city on earth :3


I’m from Porto Alegre, south of Brasil and I don’t know how to dance samba. haha




I’m from germany…in a city called bottrop…fucking bad city :D:D


Czech Republic :))


I’m from pennsylvania sucks here lol no its alright!!!


I am from Czech Republic, from little city.
But my heart belong to Los Angeles :smiley: my dream is visit this city ! I AM - CZECH FACE - AMERICAN SOUL :smiley: :o)



Gardena to be exact.

We should all do a little meet & greet in our local towns haha


San Antonio, Texas! :slight_smile:


I’m from Brazil, Sao Paulo, where I was born and raised.


I from Melun, in France!!! [wink]


Guadalajara, Mexico … Did i mention im AWESOME ?


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil! [biggrin]


i’m from Jundiaí, Brazil; :~~