Where are you from?


Hi everyone.
I’m from Essen, Germany.

I was born in a smaller town very close to the Netherlands.
My university is located in Essen so I moved here and I love it here.

So. Greetings from Germany :slight_smile:


Manila, Philippines


I’m from Novi Sad, Serbia


Sheffield, England.



Manitoba, Canada


Essentuki, Russia)))


Surheim, Germany


I’m from my mom.




I’m from Moscow, Russia )






Prikin’, da. Sama oxrenela




Prikin’, da. Sama oxrenela[/quote]

Well, how there Moscow doing?)[biggrin]


I currently reside in Salem, MA, the “Witch City” itself. I previously spent a few years living in Lynn, the “City of Sin” (you never come out the way you went in [surprised] ), and am grateful to have moved out of that rat-trap for good. But before all of that, I lived in Marblehead with my whole family for the better part of two decades.


originally from Jasper, AL but moved to Huntsville, AL for college.


And from Russia still has anyone?[sad]


Im from Chile! :3


I’m from Portugal, but I think US could be my new home :stuck_out_tongue:


Minsk, BY
Anyone else?


I live in Greenfield, Wisconsin which is a suburb of Milwaukee.