Where Are You In The Crowd?


Every concert-goer as their spot in the crowd.

Of course, every band is different, every show is different. You have arenas, outdoor festivals, bars, theaters, etc. You also have people with vast opinions on seating, the floor or the pit for every show.

My question is, where’s your spot in the crowd? Do you live and die in the moshpit every show? Are you afraid of the pit? Are you up against the barricade the entire concert? Are you just looking to see a good show, and happy with a seat? Does it depend on the concert?

Let the discussion commence!

For me, personally, I’m just satisfied if I’m there, seeing a good show. Sure, it depends on the venue; If I’m at an arena-type show, I generally pick a seat. If I’m at an outdoor show or festival, I tend to stay in the midst of the crowd, but I haven’t really ever tested my luck in the pit. I’ve only seen a couple shows in a club, one of them being an acoustic show (10 Years), so that was a really calm, peaceful night. The other show I saw in that bar come a few months prior (Silverstein), and I stood on the back, behind all the moshing people in the front.

When I got thinking about this topic, I started thinking about my own experiences at shows, and why I’m so leary in terms of being in a pit. The only real “moshpit” experience I had came at Projekt Revolution 2008. Sure, I was placed in between two seperate pits, and I came away with a bent camera lens (which I managed to knock back into place), and I even earned a spot in an episode of LPTV (Projekt Revolution Week 2)

I’m holding the “Happy Birthday” sign.
But, back to my point. As I thinking about why I tend to stray away from mosh pits (and I’ve surely seen my share of them from a distance, and they’re always so intense, as they should be), at first, I was unsure of how to answer that question, but after giving the matter some thought, I realized that, because of my near-death experience, and the resulting brain injury, I’m fearful that one more hit could potentially put me out, so-to-speak. Sure it looks like fun, but I can ill-afford to put my life at risk like that.

But like I said before, I’m just happy to be in a concert-atmosphere and seeing a great show, no matter where I am in the crowd!


I like being at the front! As close to the front as possible! And I don’t do mosh pits. I somehow to manage to always be on the edges of them though. Like, they form around me almost? Not like around me as in I’m at the center of them but… I figure, I’m there for the music, I want to only music.

BUT. As much as I want to be at the front, I will /not/ be uncomfortable. Like I said, I am there for the music, so if I am physically uncomfortable, I can’t enjoy the music. Recently at The Used and Taking Back Sunday show, I was right at the front. But I moved well to the back before The Used came on because I was /so/ uncomfortable during Taking Back Sunday. My head was forced to look to the right because some chick’s elbow was in my neck,and I was totally encroaching upon two couples because people were pushing and stuff. I was very much not comfortable, and I was not going to be uncomfortable during The Used. So I moved, and was comfortable and rocked out and stuff.

So, I guess I just like being wherever I can best enjoy the music. Because that’s the whole point, isn’t it?


I tend to always be front and center. It’s my favorite little spot. I like being able to connect with the band. I don’t mind the joshing and pushing. It usually adds to the fun of the show for me.


I usually get stuck wherever the ticket tells me to go, though I do my best during sales to get the best possible seat. If I manage to get the floor or pit for certain shows (e.g. Nine Inch Nails), I tend to hang back and toward the sides as much as possible to avoid potential mosh pits, and to keep from getting crushed up at the front. It’s no good being at a concert if you can’t survive the craziness that happens sometimes, and I plan ahead for such things.


I usually visit small shows. There, it really doesn’t matter where you are because the stage is pretty close, so that you can see the musicians. For this reason I love this smaller shows, even if the sound might not be as perfect as on big venues. My smallest one was in a basement with maybe with 60 people in the audience. After the first band (Junius) has finished, the band members took place in the audience right beside of me to see the next band (Caspian). I think this intimate live feeling is way different to the big arena shows, where you maybe aren’t able to recognize the faces on stage. I have never been to an arena. I think I would go for a place on the side, where I can enjoy the show without shoving.


I always like to be at the front row, 'cause I’m not too tall, so I have to be at the front so that I can see something. I think the closer you get to the stage, the greater is the energy, you can see the entire stage, you get closest singers and they can actually see you.
I never stay seat, it’s too much excitement to stay seat… hauhauhauhau

I don’t like moshpit. It’s always a big confusion, always someone gets hurt…


If possible - front row


depends on the arena - i usually prefer seats because you know beforehand where you’re sitting. but if it’s a standing room only show i try and be towards the front!


i don’t do much concerts because i’m kind of comfortable in a crowd but when i do, it’s for my favourite bands so already the first row against the barricade.
i’ve never been to a lp concert yet, but they may come this year to my country and i’d probably do anything to be at the barricade. though there’s early entry and stuff so it may be easier?
i don’t really know how it will work


I really like to be in the front row, if it is possible. I just love to be there and jump and sing along and take a few pics as well :). Of course, it depends on who I’m going to the show with. If someone likes to stand where there’s a little more space, we do that but also try to be in the first few rows (then at the left or right side).