Where can I find the Hybrid Theory EP?


How can I get the Hybrid Theory EP in physical form?




$90?! Madness.


Since the question is very humble & limited in information, I assume @SunriseSunsetMidnigh is a man of wealth & will have no qualms paying that trifle amount.


If possible, I’d wait and see if LPU has some sort of sale. I grabbed the LPU1 version for basically $10 a couple years ago


They are offering a mystery LPU CD with LPU14 for $1. But I guess they do not have a physical copy of the EP to offer in there. They will probably end up giving out the CDs that were sent as freebies for LPU14. But then, we may never know if they have any ace up their sleeve.


Also, HTEP is (or was, at one point) one of the most bootlegged items on eBay. Fakes everywhere


I won’t challenge that :+1:


@amitrish Woman. A woman. And, excuse me, my bad, I didn’t give any information about the price, well, Where can I find it? (That costs less than $40)


Search on ebay


It’s pretty unlikely to find a real copy of it for less than $40. eBay has fakes everywhere, Discogs too… your only chance is via a collector that might not want his copy anymore (probably won’t happen) or the LPU itself, which again, I believe they don’t have any copies left.


Are you a fan of the movie series - Before Sunrise, Before Sunset & Before Midnight?
On the topic, I think it will be difficult to get this rarity in 40bucks. I will let you know if I find something.


@amitrish No, I’m not, sorry. And yeah, I think it’s very unlikely to find it for $40…Specially, because I saw that some people used to sell it for more than $300…But hopefully, I can find it for less money, because I really want it for my CD Collection! Please let me know if you find anything :relieved:


Just stumbelled across this thread as I was looking for a copy myself. Prices are going insane! I checked ebay and discogs but it’s safe to say that 70% of these are fake. I saw sellers on ebay posting contradicting information and photos - when asked they either try to beat around the bush or don’t answer at all. Same goes for discogs, strangely the HT EP form 99’ (supposedly) for now is cheaper than the one from 2001. Check it out, it’s the same seller selling both 1999 and 2001 copies, it just doesn’t make sence.

I really wanted to get the CD as I love to collect them and I really enjoy the tracklist of the HT EP in particular. But I don’t think it’s worth spending 270€ (318$) on this one (also considering that it might still be fake). Scamers everywhere, just trying to use the current situation. Maybe I’ll just settle with the digital download, but it’s not the same though…


i actually downloaded the songs through napster