Where can u find new music and how do I chat to people here I'm finding this very difficult 😟


I was looking for someone to talk to maybe relate to I thought I could meet people like me here ?


Welcome new soldier! :sun_with_face: It’s not difficult, if you browse a little you can see many topics where we chat to each other…sometimes we can’t reply immediately because we’re from different countries,different times or just busy but we still can get in touch… :wink: There isn’t a real chat here, so you have to reply according to the topic theme…

little secret:we use "last letter game"as a chat… hehe :wink:

Read the guidelines too… hope you enjoy stay in here! :sun_with_face:


Welcome new soldier! Hope you’ll like it here and find many friends :slight_smile:


Hey and welcome. :slight_smile:


Welcome to the LPU!


Hi and Welcome!:hugs:


Welcome to are wonderful family soilder


Hey soldier, welcome you to the lpu, what do you find difficult? Just read a few posts maybe in the games section… we are like kids and love to play…


Hello, I’m still newish and everyone is very welcoming! :grinning:


Welcome to the LPU


Welcome to LPU! :D, just have a look around and find what topics you’re interested in and say what’s on your mind, that’s mainly what I do, hope you enjoy your stay :smiley:


Hello :slight_smile: ditto ditto ditto to what everyone’s said here haha
Don’t be shy and just hop in, we won’t be shy to bring you in ourselves either :slight_smile:


Hi there welcome to lpu :grin: