Where do i buy tickets?


Where is the link?? I cannot find where to go how much do I need to type to get this to work??


Same here. Just goes to live nation with no option to buy now


Ditto, have they not opened the presale yet?


Go to ticketmaster. It’s on there for some reason!


Seem to be only able to get premium tickets at £149 from the links I get so far.


They have, the UK one is actually here:

You need your code from the setting of your profile on the main lp site.


Well done LPU! :confused: Head to ticketmaster people with your code!


Thanks worked great


My code isn’t coming up in the presale - anyone else having this issue?


You have to log in on the lp site, go to your profile settings and look under promo codes.


I’ve tried that it comes up no promo codes available =s


Do you have a paid LPU account? If not you need at least the minimum ($10 US I think) account.


That’s a good shout - I thought I did, i got the package last December with the t shirt and everything but now I’m thinking about it - I think the membership came with it?


That was the reason - thank you so much for your help :blush::blush::blush:


I’m having to swap between like 5 threads :stuck_out_tongue:


We got there in the end but we wanted the top VIP one to meet the band but by the time we’d figured it out we missed them. So annoying. We booked the Battle Symphony package in the end. :confused: So annoyed we won’t get to meet them, been waiting years


Does anyone know who to apply for the LPU meet and greet for London?