Where do we get the official photos from the Meet and Greet?


During the meet and greet, we all got individual pictures with Mike and were not allowed to take our own. How do we get these pictures? My wife bought me the whole VIP package and wanted just this one photo.

I saw him at the Tabernacle on Oct21st in Atlanta

I looked for this answer in the forums but the other related posts are from years ago and/or still unanswered.

please help!

(EDIT: there is no email from them)


They send these emails out the next day so that’s weird. Email LPUHQ, I’m sure they’ll find your photo.


Double check your junk mail. Let us know.


Thanks for your reply, i checked all of my emails from the day of the show to now, including spam. What is the email address/phone number that i can expect a response from?

its been 2 weeks, i hope theyre not just GONE


Try this email lpuhq@lpunderground.com


@dozi3r did you figure out where they are? I’m having the same issue and not getting any answers anywhere…


Same. Following thread.


I just attended the concert in Silver Spring, MD on Saturday, and I haven’t received my e-mail yet. Should I be receiving it sometime this week?


We attended the Detroit show on Friday, 11/18 and received our photo e-mail yesterday.


I received mine yesterday as well, phew!