Where do you get the code to download the event you went to for free?


I was at the Alpharetta, Ga. show last night and when I went onto the site it was asking for a code to redeem the download for free. Otherwise the cost is $9.99 to buy the event download. Where was I suppose to get this code from? Thanks!!


Yeah i was wondering the same thing. I emailed someone but i never heard back.


You’ll need to buy. I think that this tour the DSPs won’t be for free to who went to the concerts.


Did anyone ever get a reply back regarding this? I wanted to purchase the event I saw last night here in Houston, Texas but I didn’t see the option anywhere - on this site nor at the venue…


You buy it, there’s no code this time around


I remember seeing something on the screen last night in houston saying that it could be downloaded from Linkinpark.com today but the site seems to be having some issues.