Where in the world is Irene's name tag?


Nametag by IRENE_LP, on Flickr

I’m the “Irene_K” featured on many of Sean (aka Stage_rad)'s pics on instagram. Sean started his instagram account shortly before the Honda Civic Tour started & in just a short few weeks he proved to be an amazing instagram master & behind the scenes photographer! I was so happy to be talking to him via instagram leading up to the summit. We were looking forward to meeting & he even gave me a Happy Anniversary shoutout in one of Jim’s behind the scenes tours having seen my hubby’s gift. The summit was on our actual anniversary so Sean had known about it.

We finally met at the summit when he was showing everyone the guitars as part of the activities. He wished my husband & I a happy annviersary in person & it was so nice to see each other in person. My summit nametag accidentally peeled off my shorts when I took a pic with the PRS. I didn’t know what happened to it when I noticed it was missing and I said oh well! about 6 days later, Sean posted it & updated me & his followers of it. haha! During another behind the scenes LPU chats with Jim, Sean said hey show this to Irene. She’ll get a kick out of it! Then he said Irene, look! it made it to Ohio! Sean took care of it and made sure it made it to my last stop of the tour in LA.

I also had made a mini Phoenix for Ted (Phoenix’s tech) to add to Sean’s posts. Ted was supposed to make an instagram account too but hasn’t as of yet. I joked around & offered to make one so then Sean said yes make one! I gave it to him at the Chicago show. So if you didn’t already know, I made that doll for the crew! I’m known as “Irene_K” or the girl that made the Mini Phoenix doll to the crew. it’s quite funny actually!

Sean did another LPU chat while I was in line for the LA show and one of the first things he said was “Irene’s nametag is still holding on strong!” He posted a pic letting me know he was looking for me but I left the line to freshen up so he gave it to one of my friends. I asked him if I could have it back on saturday because I think it is a wonderful memory to add to my already amazing summer of LP. I can’t believe how fortunate I am to have met Sean and seen him at the 4 honda civic shows I went to. He just got a twitter account too! He is “Stage_rad” on both twitter & instagram if you aren’t already following him!!!

I just wanted to share this with all of you awesome LPUers!!! Sean takes care of the fans & is simply amazing.

Thanks for reading!


That’s beyond awesome :3