Where In The World is Meet and Greet Photo, Auburn Hills?!?!


Can anyone shed light as to where the meet and greet photo for Auburn Hills is. A lot of people are wondering and are upset about this. As LPU members, we deserve to know!

If it was lost or something happened to it, just man up and let us know. Thats better than no feedback and constantly checking to see if it is up.

Thank You


i have been wondering also…not happy about it.


Ugh! Agreed!!!


My camera decided not to work that day, so I had to have a dude from Spin Magazine take the photo. I’ve been trying to track him down and get him to send me the photo but he won’t return my emails.


Ok no problem. Just give us his email adress and we start spamming until he answers your request :wink:


I hope we get to see it!