Where is LPU 15


where is LPU 15 as my account runs out soon and this is late this year


I agree
LPU 15 hasn’t even been annouced
It’s very odd


@acemasters sent Email to @LPUHQ and if i dont get a reply in there 24 to 48 hours will send two if nothing then three emails until they put some info out for fans this is poorly run these days really need to pick there game up





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I think the XVLP thing is what is delaying LPU15… I hope LPU15 is announced very soon… cause I’m excited to see what they came up with in this bundle! :grinning:


@cali_lp you should you gave me the link and as for XVLP think its been a total flop


@Chris_Styles lol I know its beautiful!:heart_eyes:


Flooding the LPU email asking when something that is inevitability coming isn’t going to solve anything

LPU14 came out on November 21st, anyways. I know everyone’s excited and ready for the new year, but hold on a bit

November 21 was also a Friday last year, so it could very well be tomorrow


@TripleXero we have the right to ask as my account runs out soon and if i want to ask i have the right like everyone else is asking because fears over there renew date so i will ask as its my right


@TripleXero so why they not putting any info out there for us any where on fb twitter LP offical fb would be better if they did this !!! ease everyones fears


@TripleXero if there no date yet how will it come out on friday as its friday 20th in my country already


Just because you have the right to do something doesn’t mean you should do it. You aren’t the first person to ask about LPU15, and won’t be the last until it comes out. I’m sure their email and Twitter are filled with this same question already, and I just showed the tweet from not even a week ago saying there’s no date yet. Bugging them with constant questions that you desperately need acknowledged is what is going to slow things down, not XVLP, which was most likely planned months before it’s announcement.

They rarely ever announce anything about the next LPU year beforehand. The only thing I can remember is them posting Primo early. And I’m pretty sure they’ve extended memberships in the past when the year went up later than expected.

And I never said it was coming out on Friday, I said it could. And I never said a time in my guess either. And if it were to launch at midnight, there’s no reason it would launch at midnight in your timezone, it would launch at midnight in California


@TripleXero i can and i will because its my right i dont sit around and say nothing because dont want to make waves if no one says anything how would anything get done in this world so sit back and say nothing because clear you dont like to make waves


There’s a difference between showing interest in LPU15 and unnecessarily pestering LPUHQ close to launch. Like I said, everyone’s excited. I’m excited, too, but I’m not begging for a date


@TripleXero i just want info if you had bothered to read so whats wrong with asking for info ?? nothing in my eyes and i think they got more than enough people running LPU to reply to questions as thats what the email adress is for ANYTHING LPU RELATED :wink:


we definitely have the right to ask for info… its called freedom of speech as @TripleXero is used to doing hahaha which can be kinda irritating… Just chill and let others ask questions cause thats the only way to get answers:grinning: peace!:grin: lol


Like I mentioned in this thread (Time to say goodbye?), even if your account expires before the new LPU year launches, you will still have access to site. You won’t loose your profile either, as long as you remain active.
It is just a matter of time for 15 to be announced and launched since most previous years it launched around late November and early December. I’ll agree with Jordan on this one, it’s pointless to bug the HQ with emails about something they’ve already mentioned is still in the works. When they can tell us more, they will.


me it´s very difficult to aagree whether with chris nor with Jordan, cause it´s made a lot of stuff and posting about the LPXV (-Flop), then monster mash, than at 10 years MFR then… . The LPU/LP has become a very big buisiness, there may have specialists who take the actions to do, but in my opp. (only my private one) They forget to give a job to a "holding all together-coordinator"with a time-line-action oveerview. Who remains them to do this or that, and that it is needable to this or that…to have the feeling, here in the official Linking Parl Fanclub, I´m good informated, up to date and on the top of the info.

I don´t know, I mentioned at another forums again, for now the third month with the giutarr auction on the HUB is far away from beeing up to the news, the @LPUHQ , no matter why, descides to let us wait, to give no further informaton, and with that behaviour, they make a big thing out of nothing, to keep it in the dark. I can good understand, that the fans, when their membership expires, don´t take a new one, if there is no option for a new bundle, to mention it again, we´re also paying for those sites here, so I can feel something as anger in my chest :flushed:


@EvoOba if i want to ask i can its my chioce ok and if they gave an update be no need for lots of fans to send emails would there or is it that there so behined that there with doinfg stupid XVLP posting enough about that so why not just put something out to ease other fans concerns but i guess your well indate with your account and as its says can email them on anything LPU related and this is LPU related !!! i have the right to ask and no one will stop me from having the freedom to ask or email them is this now clear ???