Where is my package?


I everyone!! :smiley: I’m new here, I’m from Switzerland! I have a question, I paid for my package i think a month ago, or three weeks ago, how much do i have to wait? I’m worried!! Sorry for the bad english, i hope it’s not that bad :sweat:


u should to have ur package in future week


It usually takes a while for it to ship. I’ve had packages that arrive a few weeks after I buy it and others that took over a month.


When your order has been sent out, it should show up on here: http://linkinpark.com/account/orders

If it says “READY”, nothing has been done with it yet, I believe. “FULFILLED” is it’s shipped and on it’s way or it’s been delivered. There’s one in between those two I forgot, though


When I got the LPU11 package a few years ago it too like 6-8 weeks but this time it took 3-5 days and I live in the uk so it depends on when they ship you order out


I ordered my package the day it was released and it’s not arrivet yet. I live in Germany and I’m quite nervous, too. But I’m sure it will arrive in January at the latest.