Where is my profile? Where is my LPU account history?


I don’t understand what’s happening. I keep getting emails from Full Screen Direct and am not able to reply. If I can’t reply how can I ask questions? I’m confused and frustrated. I just got an email that my account may autorenew unless I chose for it not to. But I can’t even get into my account to look anything up.! I just logged on and it gave me a whole new name and my profile from literally one month ago is completely gone.

Long story short, I want out. Ill just listen to them on the radio. Can someone (anyone) please help me?


The account you are on now was created three days ago. You made a new one instead of logging into the old one. Once you log back into the old one I can show you how to disable the automatic renewal, but disabling it on this free account wouldn’t help you much