Where is the Support?


Last week i purchased the LPU X CD (Digital Download) but when i go to download it, it comes up “error” and says that the link is broken.
I submitted a request through support to have the problem fixed so that i can get what i have paid for but it has been 3 days and i have had no response and when i view my support request, it is still listed as “awaiting to be assigned to a support technician”.

I have been an LPU member for several years but it has only been the last couple of weeks that i have used this site.

Is this the typical support that users of this site recieve???



For starters, it would be benefiticial for you to have a name here and add things about you on your page. The only reason you havent been responded back is simply because it hasnt been gotten too yet and hopefully maybe one of the moderators will see it and help you out.


You do realize that this is a holiday weekend?


It was Thursday morning here in Australia when i lodged the complaint (Its now Monday afternoon), I thought i would have had some sort of response by now, They should have some sort of expected time for a response if it is going to be more than a couple of days. I wanna listen to my LP CD damn it! :slight_smile:


Such ‘startup problems’ are unfortunately kind of normal, but it should get annoying. I haven’t noticed anything very messed up, so I like the support here.


All sorted now, Thanks ground (ctrl) :slight_smile:




[quote=KATHYxx]You do realize that this is a holiday weekend?
’‘one person likes this’’