Which hair style do you love on Chester?


I personally loved my Chester as a blond!!! What about you?


i love his hair style from the video of “what i´ve done”, or “live in texas” :grin:


I think I like Chester’s hairstyle when he played the bass in It’s Goin’ Down Live


I like the one in numb music video


His look in What I’ve done is pretty simple & cool


I like the looks where he had longer hair most. :blush:


Yep, mee too, I liked his blond hair (:




i love it :grin:


I’m partial to his Super Sayan 'do in the early days: “One Step Closer” video.



I loved his Liberty Spikes blonde hair


yeah…i love that too


Like in castle Of glass video!! :blush:


Best :sunny:


Definitely blonde from ‘in the end’ video :heart_eyes:


I love that blonde spiky one from the video One Step Closer, so sexy that look


i like all of chesters hair style from his mohawk to his blonde hair lol


Blond from one step closer and crawling definitely, but red one from papercut is also cute :ok_hand:


What name that hairstyles?Cuz i like it