Which is the best song in the album "Living Things"?


Mine is Powerless.


Thats a hard one. I like most (all) of the songs. Probably my fav is Lost in the echo. In my remains, castle of glass and I’ll be gone are also in the top 5 XD


Roads Untraveled :slight_smile:


For me Roads Untraveled, Castle of Glass and Powerless are top 3 :slight_smile:


For me it’s Castle of Glass.


Skin to bone, although I think it doesn’t fit in the album that much


Tough question, I couldn’t possibly choose one. My favorite three songs on Living Things are:

  • Burn it Down
  • Victimized
  • In My Remains


The best three are:

Castle of glass
In my remains
Skin to bone


My favorite is Roads Untraveled. Castle of Glass is a close second.


Lost in the Echo, a perfect song.


Skin to Bone
I’ll Be Gone
Castle of Glass
Roads Untraveled


Lies Greed Misery


Lost in the Echo, Burn It Down, and Powerless. It’s too hard to pick just one.


For me, it is Caste of Glass and In my remains, but I also really appreciate Lost in the echo and Powerless.


That’s a tough one but i think Castle of Glass, In My Remains, Lost In The Echo, Burn It Down, and Powerless are my favorite


I would have to say Lost in the Echo. :slight_smile:


I’d say Castle of Glass but I like Lost in the Echo,Burn it Down, Lies Greed Misery, and Powerless as well




Tough choice, it’s between Lost In The Echo and Burn It Down. In My Remains and Victimized coming close behind those two :smiley:


Lost In The Echo and Until It Breaks. UIB is totally underrated.