Which LP song is connected to you the most?


In piece and robot boy are like my music soulmates

when i listen to those 2 songs , im like; LINKIN PARK, YOU FREAKING B@STARDS, WHY ARE YOU GUYS SO GOOD
why are you doing to this me you guys!!!


robot boy really descripes like my entire past and when i listen to the song i finally feel people understand me you know

and in pieces really makes feel sad and tough at same time
its like they are singing about me and ‘‘that other person i know’’ >_>
its like they know me

those 2 songs are really the most connecting to me :smiley:


I think they are iridescent and Robot Boy. I do not know how to explain it, but when I listen to these two songs, I feel connected to the band.

About what you mean? :smiley:


Valentine’s Day. I couldn’t breathe when I heard it first time. I rarely listen it, usually skip it in playlist, cause I’m too connected to the lyrics…


wow, basically every song, but I would say Leave Out All the Rest :slight_smile:


A Place For My Head all the way. Life sucks sometimes and sometimes you want to quit. But above all, you have push through and endure it.


omg i know right
not many mention that song ever but its also one of my favss
its a perfect song

‘‘so now you’re gone and i was wrong… i never knew what it was like to be alone…’’

its not one of the songs i feel connected to but its definitely one of my favs


In pieces, Numb and Powerless.
This 3 songs touch my soul and my heart
and make me feel better when i’m sad.


In the end!

Because most of the time Some things doesn’t even matter! hahaha



One Step Closer will my alltime favorite, in many situations it’s speak my mind ^^


nice comment about , in the end^^^^ haha




The songs that I connect the most with are somewhere I belong and robot boy. I connect with somewhere I belong because I can relate to it and I just love robot boy :slight_smile:


Ugh having to pick one is tough. I’d have to say, lyrically, “Don’t Stay” is up there for me.


Hands Held high because it has one of the most powerful letters ever, the rap is so deep and I really appreciate this kind of things and it talks about war, bombs and Mike express his anger avout that, so that is the most connected song for me!


yay for someone else mentioning robot boy :smiley:
its such an amazing song isnt it


Burning in the Skies.

For me, it’s about admitting your own mistakes and not blaming other people for the bad/unfortunate things that happen to yourself because of your own decisions.


Numb, i’ve always seen that song & video to be about depression which i suffer from, so to me that’s the LP song i most connect with, the lyrics describe moments in my life.


p5hng me a*wy away,in pieces,and in the end.

I have a terrible love life but I’m young so it doesn’t even matter :smiley:


In the end

Because i’m emotional bonded with it, barley listen to it. Can’t handle it always.
And because of that song i learnt Linkin Park, and by Linkin Park i started to listen to music and really got my interest into music.


What I’ve Done is the most special to me. It represents a special time in my life, and the lyrics really hit home with me. I always fantasize about being able to change everything about myself and start over new again, I also have a lot of regretful decisions in my mind.