Which LP song u do not really like?


I was talking with my friend about that. Which song do u not like?

I figured out i like every single song!It s not easy to find a band where u can say “oh i like every song”!OkI think ,one is better than the other one but i can´t say these song is rubish!

Do u have a song u do not really like???


I think people are going to hate me for this, but The Messenger I don’t really like…It’s not really the concept of A Thousand Suns and doesn’t fit in there…


I do not like the piano version of pushing me away as much as the normal


Hit The Floor, When They Come For Me, Shadow Of The Day - definitely not my favorites.


From the Inside !


I don’t think I have one. But seeing my iTunes stats, Crawling has the least play counts


I like all of them. All of them are so Awesome I hardly can pick one to listen to!


Really wow how u can´t love it its one of my absolutly favorite ones. :smiley:


I also like them all, but it really depends on my mood and situation which song I wanna hear.


Out of all I would probably have to say Shadow of the Day is my least played.


I don´t like Shadow Of The Day, when I listen to a DSP I always skip it.


Hm… I can actually listen to nearly every song of them everytime. Excepting Robot Boy & The Messenger. I’m often just not in mood for them.


Valentine’s Day. After a while, Numb.


I gotta say that Cure for the itch is not of my favorites… I just skip it when I play Hybrid Theory. It’s a shame for such a great album. Imagine Somewhere I Belong instead of Cure for the Itch. Epic album is epic.


I listen to Hit the Floor the least.


I would say In between from Minutes to Midnight. I always skip it.


New Divide, i don’t like too much this song.