Which LP songs do you listen to when


Exactly what the title says, I want to know which specific LP songs you listen to when you’re:

-pissed off
-really sad
-having a normal day

or any other given emotion.

For me, when I’m really mad, I’ll listen to “Faint” “From the Inside” “Given Up” and “QWERTY” and I calm down some. When I’m sad I listen to “Roads Untraveled” and “Drum Song”. On a normal day, I listen to pretty much all of LP, and when I’m excited “Faint” usually does the trick because of the energy. :smiley:



Given Up, Victimized, Lies Greed Misery, One Step Closer-pissed off
Powerless, Not Alone, Valentine’s Day, My December, Iridescent -really sad
Lost In The Echo, Papercut, What I’ve Done, Bleed It Out, etc.-having a normal day
No More Sorrow -excited


-pissed off - Hit the floor, Don’t Stay, Faint, No More Sorrow, POA.
-really sad - Shadow of the day, The Little Things Give you Away, Roads Untraveled, In Pieces, Waiting For the End, Iridescent, Powerless
-having a normal day - All of them, really.
-excited - Papercut, Lost in the Echo, Crawling, New Divide, Castle of Glass.


-pissed off: one step closer, from the inside, crawling, papercut
-really sad: my december, easier to run, roads untravelled, I’ll be gone, powerless
-normal day: numb, in the end, burn it down, lies greed misery
-excited: lies greed misery, castle of glass, faint, bleed it out, no more sorrow


-pissed off? check this out :smiley:
-rly sad - The messenger, The little things give you away, In pieces, She couldn’t when im mega sad

  • normal - Then i listen to whole albums, usually Meteora or HT, MTM and LT in the evening,
    -excited - APFMH, Lying from you, Somewherte I belong, bleed it out, high voltage
    Tired - ATS sooths me


Pissed off - By Myself
Sad - Roads Untraveled
Normal - Waiting for the End
Excited - Faint (best while driving…hehe)


All awesome answers! :smiley:

And I agree with you, Kristyne, Faint is best while driving. lol.


i cant even list all the ones i listen to in certain moods haha i know before i tattoo i’ll go straight to LP in my phone, throw on my headphones and start at the top. I know at no given point I cant listen to Leave Out all The Rest because breaks me down. Some songs make me think about the bs ive been through in life so i have to watch what mood im in when i listen to em.


-pissed off : Don’t stay, Bleed it out.
-really sad : Easier to run, roads untraveled.
-normal : Dedicated, In the end.
-excited : Faint, Points of Authority.


Pissed Off - One Step Closer, From The Inside, A Place For My Head, Hit The Floor
Really Sad - Not really anything, but listening to No Roads Left makes me sad lol
Having a normal day - Anything I want, i love all their songs
Excited - Bleed It Out, Castle Of Glass

Pump Up Songs - Figure.09,


Pissed Off-Carousel, Crawling, With you, Wretches and Kings
Really Sad-Numb, Shadow of the day, Leave out all the rest
Normal Day-Bleed it out, Points of authority, The Catalyst
Excited-No more sorrow, Burning in the skies, Lost in the echo

YEEAAAHH Linkin Park forever!!! :wink:


pissed of: Victimized
really sad: My December
having a normal day: Numb
excited: Papercut


Pissed off- One step closer, Lies Greed Misery, Victimized
Really sad- Leave out all the rest, shadow of the day, roads untraveled, numb
Normal day- Hands Held High, Waiting for the end
Excited- Given up, The Catalyst


Pissed off- A Place for My Head, One Step Closer, Lies Greed Misery, Wretches and Kings, No More Sorrow
Sad- Lost in the Echo, Burning in the skies, Iridescent, New Divide, Somewhere I Belong
Normal day- I’ll listen to LP on shuffle, or entire CDs
Excited- Faint, Until it Breaks, Black Out, Burn it Down


Pissed off - Given Up, Victimized, One Step Closer, Don’t Stay, Blackout, No More Sorrow, Qwerty
Sad - Powerless, What We Don’t Know, Valentine’s Day, Shadow Of The Day, Not Alone
Normal Day - Lost In The Echo, Bleed It Out, Papercut, In My Remains, What I’ve Done, Faint
Excited - Skin To Bone, A Place For My Head, In Pieces


pissed off- Blackout, QWERTY, Victimized, No More Sorrow, Given Up and By Myself
really sad- The Little things give you away, Roads Untraveled,LOATR,SOTD,Burning in the Skies and Iridescent
Having a normal day- ALL SONG
Excited- Waiting for The End,Faint, Lost In The Echo and A Place For My Head :smiley:


One Step Closer, Blackout, Papercut, Victimized- pissed off
Little Things Give You Away, Road Untraveled, Breaking the Habit, My December, Easier to Run -really sad
With You, In The End, Hit the Floor, The Catalyst, Burn it Down -having a normal day
A Place for my Head, Lies Greed Misery, Lying from You, High Voltage -excited


pissed off - Victimized, Blackout, One step Closer
really sad - powerless, Leave out all the Rest, faint
having a normal day - Anything Linkin Park
excited - Lost in the echo


pissed off > A Place For My Head
really sad > Leave Out All The Rest
having a normal day > With You
excited > When They Come For Me