Which other bands do you like?


Definitely, I love my physical cds to death but Spotify is pretty great when I wanna discover new stuff or see what other people are listening to. Plus, Mike has some pretty dope playlists there.


I buy CDs for the better sound quality. Otherwise I use youtube when I want to hear something before buying it, or if I don’t like something enough to buy as a CD. It’s amazing what you can stumble upon in the suggestions column of a vid when you listen to something less known. It’s how I found out about Blindspott and Like a storm.


As weird as it may sound, I never use YT for music (besides watching a new MV or something). I always go to Spotify for new stuff. Either way, discovering new artists is great!


The last CD I ever bought was… Oh it was the friggin Living Things actually. But I don’t buy CD’s as frequent anymore as I did in my teens and tweens. I prefer a digital form instead, that I can load up my heartdrive. And then there’s indeed Spotify. Their database isn’t infinite though I agree that it is a great way to discover new musicians with.

Youtube’s just fun for the videos, really. Putting youtube up for music is like leaving your TV on for the radio.

Mike’s playlists on Spotify are indeed quite fun. I also find it fun to see whenever he happens to be online on Spotify and can see what he’s been listening to. I was quite surprised when I caught Shinoda play some Katy Perry song. :joy: :smirk:


Spotify, youtube, does it matter as long as we get to listen to awesome music? We’ve all got different ways of getting to it.


For me, I’m addicted to youtube, because I LOVE the live recordings and you get that best on youtube. Of course I know they released some as DVD but most is only on youtube. And really, I’m pretty much addicted to it…
I was 2 days away from home a while ago and my MP3 player didn’t work (it’s old, but I like it). On it I have the downloaded stuff from youtube. So I only had my phone with the offical stuff. That was only half as nice. (I could reset my MP3 player when I was back home.)


@Gatsie I’m not buying many cds lately too but that’s because a) can’t find anything in our so called music stores here and b) capital controls (basically we can’t make ay purchases outside of our country, sucks big time.
Last cds I bought were Funeral For A Friend’s Chapter and Verse and Of Mice And Men’s Restoring Force: Full Circle. Got them both last time I was in England. (And for a pretty cheap price for new albums).
Mike and Spotify, oh boy! He’s listening to old school rock one day and the Frozen soundtrack the next, it’s pretty interesting. It amazes me how he listens to EVERYTHING!

@Tweek I feel you. I collect live shows (proshots only, not fan recordings) and I really enjoy looking back at some of them.
I don’t use my iPod anymore since space was never enough for the music I wanted to have in it. Here’s another plus of Spotify; endless amounts of music.


OMG you guys! I was digging through my garage just now [because I am moving within a month and need to pack my things] And I stumbled upon a friggin box filled with VHS [videotapes] with Linkin Park crap. Apparently I recorded video clips and a live show on it. I wonder if I still have the VHS-player somewhere…

Gosh, I felt so old when I dug that up :confused: :astonished: :ghost:


@EvoOba; Wow that sucks man, that you can’t buy anything outside of the country :confused: Not even online?
One of the biggest CD stores here went bankrupt a few years ago, but there are still other “old skool” stores that sell CD’s and even records. But yeah… Spotify wins then, I agree :stuck_out_tongue: That, and the good old peer2peer network. Yes I know, bad bad bad :smiling_imp:


@EvoOba: Yes, live shows are just great :heart_eyes: But I also like some fan recorded once. Like this one: https://youtu.be/yBLPkOscbio I don’t have Spotify, bc I don’t have mobile internet. So with the free version it would not be useful for me. But my MP3 has lots of space, while my mobile phone hasn’t. I just had to delete all my WhatsApp images because there was no space left.

@Gatsie: You can put them on youtube now for us all to watch :). Maybe they this is rare stuff you have!! :slight_smile:


@Tweek LOL! I’m quite curious what “rare gem” is recorded on it myself. I’ve been told that it’s not that hard anymore, to put VHS recordings onto a computer. If it’s worth it I might indeed just put it online. Converting VHS recordings into digital formats will save a lot of space in my garage :stuck_out_tongue:

Speaking of space, how much storage space is there on that MP3 device of yours?


@Gatsie Unfortunately no, we are allowed to make transactions with Greek companies/banks/whatever only (it’s a pretty fucked up situation, I’m sure you’ve seen it on your news at some point). That’s why I don’t know if I’ll be able to renew my LPU membership later this year, I’ll have to see if my British credit card still works. I have Disney movies on VHS lol… and a few embarrassing school plays xD

@Tweek Oh yeah, I’ve seen a couple like that one but haven’t kept them in my archive. I had a few rare ones from 1998 and 1999 but lost them when my external hard drive broke down. Mobile Internet is a life saver!


@EvoOba That’s totally fracked up man! Here we do get news about the Greek financial situation, yes. They are now claiming here on the news that things are slowly looking better economically wise in Greece? I can’t help but think they probably try to feed us with 25% of the truth about these things in the media, though.

If it’s any comfort, my LPU membership expired too and like I’ve mentioned in some other thread, you can at least still access the forum and some parts of your profile :smile: But I’ll hope along with you that your British CC will work for you to renew your membership, though. :flushed:

Oh yes, I’ve got quite a lot of those embarrassing things recorded on VHS too. :sweat_smile:

Seriously, I’ve become quite dependent upon mobile internet. A day without it just doesn’t feel right, lol. It’s quite sad really, haha!


I also like Blink-182, Nirvana and Korn, and also Foo Fighters, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Kings Of Leon, and one called The Mighty Mighty BossTones, and too many more…


@Gatsie : I have 3,6 GB on my MP3-player. That is enough for me. I have one folder with (I think) 102 songs in it and another one for running with not nearly as many (so I can use that one as a play-list if I want to, and don’t have so search in the big folder). I’m hearing to mainly one and the same song all the time anyways (or different live recordings of the same song :wink: ), so it’s fine. If I want something different I most likely have it on it. :slight_smile:

@EvoOba : That must suck a lot, that you can only make transactions with greek companies/banks etc. I’m sorry for that (the hole situation).


@Gatsie I honestly don’t know if things are getting better, usually the media just feeds our brains with crap lol.
Yeah I know, it’s just kind weird cause it’s become a tradition of mine to renew the day the new year launches and not when my membership expires. But I’ll figure it out :slight_smile:

Same here, I need to be able to check whatever I need anywhere. I get nervous when I travel and know that I won’t have mobile internet, especially cause I know I won’t have access to the maps and I’m afraid I might get lost lol

@Tweek It does! Hopefully it’ll be better next ýear.


Can’t you get anything from amazon? All of my CDs are from there.


Like I explained above, we have capital controls now. So no, I can’t.


I am late in here. damn! I dont have spotify in my country yet, and I am not an apple fanboy, but i have got my fair share of good music and new artists from Jango. it has been over 7 years now since i started using it, and there are some cool playlists. I use youtube only to watch a video if i really like a song, otherwise that too is something that i dont waste my time upon.
@the_termin8r1 my local music store put in a great sale on CDs and other stuffs before it closed out a few months ago. I got myself a real good collection at around 10% of the actual price. Steal deal!!!
Finally, @gatsie & @evooba please upload and share the links of those embarrassing school plays. We all could use some laughs :wink:


Where are you from? We didn’t have Spotify either (got it just 2 years ago) but there are a few ways to get it even if it’s not supported in your country if you’d like. Jango is like an internet radio based platform right?

LOL, no way! Those tapes won’t ever see the light again, they’re sealed in a box forever!