Which other bands do you like?


Yes, Jango features playlists created by users that you can listen to and make your own lists to share among the others. I have “spied” upon many such lists and found out new bands/artists. I think we all find our own ways to get new music and adjust accordingly. Meanwhile, in the mythical & mystical land of India, spotify is still to make an entry.
No LP shows, No spotify, No tapes. I’m so Sad! So Very, Very Sad!


For sure! Awww India! Hang in tight, I know the guys have been trying to play there for a few years now, I have a feeling they will soon :slight_smile:


My favourite band of course Linkin Park but I also like to listen to other group with a completly different genre. Eg asking alexandria, korn, dead by april, five finger death punch a completely different genre, but I also like these bands


I´m in a very strong LP-hearing phases, my family is yet over it, they can´t get me with my music at the moment, but I can not do anything against it, every day, like maybe coffee or tablettes you need in the morning. But I feel that Lorde will become greater and greater, god, shes so young and so talented and so pretty…


We have been doing nothing but hanging in :stuck_out_tongue: As I have said earlier, I don’t even have hopes of them playing here anytime soon. I know they know that we are waiting, but it would be great if they acted upon the knowledge and came in here. Even Iron Maiden & Metallica have toured India. Damn!


I know you’ve been waiting for years, it’s just hard for them to arrange everything and come to an agreement with the people there you know? I’m sure they’ll play for you one day.


I was this positive 10 years ago. Haha. Time flies by real quick!


I also like:

  • 30 seconds to mars
  • green day
  • fort minor
  • blink 182
  • the offspring
  • jimmy eat world
  • blur
  • foo fighters
  • billy talent
  • …tbc :slight_smile:


Forgot to mention the Top Gear band \m/


My music follows my moods, but I always return to Linkin Park (the lyrics are home, too familiar). I really enjoy listening to Christina Perri, and though they are kinda new (maybe one album) I am totally lovin’ Sir Sly. Might show my age, but I still break out the Skid Row album when I just need to rock.


sex pistols, the vibrators, limp biskitt, bush, eddy fedder, guns ´n ´roses, etc to put in some ol stuff


I Like slipknot, suicide silence, fort minor, dead by sunrise and some Danish rap Music. I do Like other metal bands as well


I like Fort Minor (obviously :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:), Dead by Sunrise, Bullet For My Valentine, the “old” Three Days Grace (with Adam Gontier), Nickelback, Breaking Benjamin, Within Temptation, Limp Bizkit, Foo Fighters, Papa Roach and others…


Someone here with experience of “never mind the bollocks” Sex Pistols and this stuff from the ´70 last century??? They were my first HEROS! Missed to see thm, but their music and the whole punk and later on punk-rock thing was awesome, I was mb 11-12 years old these days, nice remember, feeling the body gets older and older by the years, but the mind is still singing like learned by Sid Viscious: I DID IT MY WAY!!!


To add to my list:

P Roach
P.O.S (Not P.O.D, it’s not a typo- POS is a rapper)
Black light burns
American Head Charge


The red hot chilli peppers
Guns n roses
And offcorse most epic band before Lp: Queen
I Love classical rock.
Etta James
My favorite femaile vocalist is Imelda may


Damn! No doubt you are my fav :stuck_out_tongue:


AWW :blush:


Beside Linkin Park…:
Muse / Slipknot / Metallica / Apocalyptica / Korn, Frank Sinatra / Rammstein/ Lenny Kravitz / RHCP / Jinjer / Hurts / P.O.D / VV / Portishead / 8mm / Hooverphonic / Daft Punk / System of a Down / Depeche Mode / Crown the Empire / I Monster / Massive Attack / John Williams / Sonics / As I Lay Dying / As Blood Runs Black / Ray Charles

For the moment, this is it.


Linkin Park of course, but I also like Stone temple pilots, Thirty seconds to mars, Arctic monkeys, Matchbox Twenty, Pearl Jam, Nirvana. Alot of the old stuff really. Guns N Roses ect.