Which other bands do you like?


Would you happen to have like a top 5 out of the list or would you say you like every one about the same

Anyway grants on the big list and good luck adding to it


My list would be pretty small. I have pretty high standards for the music I listen to but I’m starting to branch out more.

-Linkin Park
-twenty one pilots
-The Killers
-Imagine Dragons
-Rise Against
-Fort Minor


I love how you listen to so much stuff @the_termin8r.
Good stuff there @jrtrussell, small list but it’s a killer.

Lately, I’ve been listening a lot to:

  • Grandson
  • Sigur Ros (even though I’m disappointed in their drummer)
  • Imagine Dragons
  • Slash
  • Oasis (yes, not just Wonderwall)
  • Tom Morello
  • Papa Roach
  • Atreyu


I didn’t take you as a Slash person. I used to listen to him but now I don’t for some reason.


I don’t know how either :stuck_out_tongue: It’s mostly because we have this playlist at work and some of his stuff is in there and thought were cool so I looked into him more (outside Guns N’ Roses I mean).


I’m now listening to Ghost


Other bands and artists I like are:
Three Days Grace,
Tobias Forge,
Steve Jablonsky,
From Ashes To New,
Motley Crue
Egypt Central,
Pop Evil


:blush: I’m finally on a list :joy:


You’re on mine too man :joy: you’ve got some very powerful music.


I need to add him to my list.

EDIT: Done.


Oops I missed that! Thanks man :slight_smile: