Which ringtone you have on your mobile?


I dont like to change ringtone , so on mine staying Muse - Feeling good - dubstep version…
Its already one year as i didnt change it )


Good question, man!
I have selected Faint for years, because I like it very much, it starts quite slow and quiet but then goes full energy, fucking loud and many people know it - the perfect ringtone [biggrin]


Hi Lina! Its nice to meet you!!

Although i have plenty of LP ringtones on my phone… :stuck_out_tongue: the one that I have selected right now is the opening theme song to one of my top favorite tv shows… Which is Dexter. :slight_smile:


Pendulum’s remix of the Prodigy’s ‘Voodoo People’. :slight_smile:


I think it’s Qwerty… but I actually never use my phone, so I’m not quite sure :S


Hi Lina!

I’m Aliona, from Belarus. We’re neighbours:-)

I have New Divide as my ringtone.


I have the bridge of Robot Boy :DD


I have a ringtone of Chester on the Xylophone ripped by awesome-ness :slight_smile:


In The End :3


Wretches & Kings - LP :slight_smile:


Given up - LP



Closer to the edge - 30 seconds to mars


I have “Irene” by TobyMac as my ringtone.


Alcohol-Brad Paisley


Remember The Name (chorus) - Fort Minor


i have cut by plumb… tried to change it but cant find the thingie


Hi Lina!
Message-Believe me
Mail-Whered you go

The “alarm” that is important to me! - New Devide


I wanted a unique ring tone. So I made this for myself:

Listen to it?


Sometimes I use When They Come For Me, but at the moment it’s the theme song from Back to the Future. Epic!