While renewing a LPU membership, is it possible to order something else from the store too?


I have a (pretty strange?) question…
Even if I’m not sure it’s possible to do that, I’d ask if is it possible to order something else from the LPU store, when you’re renewing a LPU membership.
I mean, when I’ll buy my LPU12 membership, can I order something else (such as another bundle or a t-shirt or accessories or something else) along with this LPU12 membership?
And, if it was possible, would the merch come all together or with different packs (since the LPU membership usually comes with free shipping costs, but the other merch doesn’t)…
Thanks :slight_smile:


im questioning the same thing :frowning:


Support is your friend :slight_smile: I think the’re accustomed to answering lots of questions from lpuers :slight_smile:


That’s indeed a good question. I would also want to know. The shipping cost to Europe are pretty high and that prevents, that I order very often at the LPU store. So, it would a great opportunity to order other stuff right away with the LPU 12 membership.


You can order multiple items at once, just make sure you hit the “continue shopping” button to add items to your cart.


Thank you for answering!
And what would it be about the shipping costs?
Will the merch come all together, along with the membership bundle?