Who Dies In Avengers: Infinity War Game


So the rules are simple

Without spoiling the movie for anyone you say who died in Infinity War but not any character that does actually die


Do one and then let the next person go and then you can do another after
Please DON’T do groups
Example: All the X-Men die in Infinity War

You can do
Example: Cyclops dies in Infinify War

Example: Mr. Bean dies in Infinity War

It can be any Fictional character

I Will Begin

Voldemort dies in Infinity War

Because I'm a troll

-Captain James Conrad
-Dryden Vos
-Sherlock Holmes
-Emmet Brickowski
-Dominic Toretto
-Mr. Hinx
-Mace Windu
-Major Susan Turner

Die in Infintiy War


Trump maybe :joy:


@the_termin8r come one man…uncool

Just 1 then the next person


@DavidZinssler do it like this

Trump dies in Infinity War

Looking for more fictional characters though and not actual people


I put it in a drop down for a reason, it was a one-off gag. :stuck_out_tongue:


Harry Potter dies in Infinity War


Daryl Dixon dies in Infinity War


Barbie dies in Infinity War


All the spiders of the world die in Infinity War! :crazy_face: :smirk: (sorry @DavidZinssler … yours too… :smirk: :grin: )


Ganondorf dies in Infinity War


Jason Bourne almost dies in infinity war, James Bond on the other hand…yep, you guessed it, dies in infinity war. :joy:


@the_termin8r I guess this would be one of your favourite game… :grin: :joy:

OT: John Wick dies in infinity war


No John Wick is not dying. No, no, no, no, no…

We are waiting for John Wick: Chapter 3


Lol- didn’t get it, but for now I’ll get all mosquitos dying in IW


Ethan Hunt dies in Infinity War


Edward Cullen dies in Infinity War :crazy_face:


Katniss Everdeen dies in Infinity War


Hold on guys…hermine granger dies in infinity war

Edit: i am already sorry😂


Ash Ketchum dies in Infinity War