Who Dies In Avengers: Infinity War Game


Hulk dies in IW


black panther dies in IW bahahaha :smiling_imp::imp:




THE LAMEST JOKER to ever wear the makeup dies in IW :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::imp::smiling_imp:


Are you Thanos? :open_mouth::no_mouth:


Nooooo :smiling_imp:


Gansta Franny? :upside_down_face:


Gangsta chapo :imp:


Ahhh ¡¿El marero que se pone la esquinas por las noche?! Sí, es un buen tipo :wink:
(The bad guy that stands in the conner in the night?! Yes, it’s a good guy :wink: )


No the guy that’s locked up in ultra high security :joy::rofl: yet he’ll still end up escaping somehow smh :expressionless:


We should kill him before he ends as a president or something likes that.

Agumon dies in Infiny War


Yes chapo dies in ultra high security IW :joy:
As does spider pig :joy:


Deadpool doesn’t die in Infinity War and in unable to :stuck_out_tongue:


No i killed dead pool just as he was arriving to the IW set :joy:


Deadpool dies in Infiny War.



He refuses the rules like always and doesn’t die :crazy_face:


You said he didn’t die in IW, I said I killed him just outside the set :smiling_imp:


Show the proof then, he’s still here as I see :stuck_out_tongue:


He’s dead in a pool of his own blood, it’s too gruesome for me to show here :scream:
Trust me lol


I want to see it.

Just put a warning, that’s all.

On Topic:
Topogigio dies in IW.