Who Dies In Avengers: Infinity War Game


Revenge for what? :smiling_imp::thinking::+1:


Me killing Nathan Drake would be revenge for you killing Lara Croft had you done it.


Yes it was me! But I like Lara :hugs::hugs::hugs:


So why did you kill her? Lol


True. :heart:️:heart:️:blue_heart::+1:


All the versions of Batman, even the real one die in Infiny War.

Also Iron onion and Deadpool.




No, hell no! :rage:
You done gone raz -al-gul leaving me in a fiery home to die! :rage: it might’ve destroyed my home and main bat cave but NOT BATMAN!!! :rage:


Didn’t I mention before that deadpool doesn’t follow the rules? He did not die at all and will not :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok, he is alive, with bieber :wink:

On Topic: Sandy dies in IW


Iron Man (onion) and Justin Bieber get together in Infinity War :rofl:


Revive me you cruel fat green oñion in fancy armor!! :triumph:

Wait I said I survived :grin::innocent:

justinbieber from the one Justin Bieber documentary dies in IW (it’s a character in a movie @acemasters? :innocent: does that count? :pray: everyone wants him dead :grin:)



That’s impossible, only Ace, the God of the life can revive you :wink:


Batman would have created a weapon for him to use as protection against Thanos.

Anyway, Metatron in Supernatural dies in Infinity War


No @framos1792

I can’t stress this enough

Killing off actual people is wrong and regardless to how annoying he is I would not wish upon anyone to die
Even if it’s a documentary you can’t kill off actual people

Now, if you can find the Character he played in a crime drama tv show, you can kill off the Character he plays but not the actual person themselves


Because I wanted to kill somebody and she came to my mind lol But I’m waiting September for next game… I’d say I kill the character of Angelina in the old Tomb Raider. :smiley:


I’m only waiting for the next game because I want to see where the plot goes. I only played the 2013 one and it’s one of my all time fav games. I felt like Rise was trying too hard to be Uncharted. I’ll be watching the walkthrough when it comes out.


All the old cartoon network characters die in Infinity War, codename kids next door, billy and Mandy, fosters home for imaginary friends, camp lazlo, ed edd & eddy, etc


@chigokurosaki for the spirit of the game and to keep it going please only do one at a time and please allow a post after yours before posting another


You’re giving us absolutely no power to kill Bieber or multiple characters at once :joy::rofl:


I took that power from the beginning!