Who Dies In Avengers: Infinity War Game


Good, never could stand him. Felt like a bad rip-off of Sid from Ice Age.


Are you joking? :joy:


Anna dies in IW


No, they’re not a character I’ve ever heard off.


Its your car.


Mate, you’re supposed to be killing off characters in films and other media. Not random objects. :joy:




Asgardian guy #3545 dies in IW

needed to edit cause killing the whole civilization isnt allowed


Who says I can’t though :sunglasses:


@acemasters does lol.


@acemasters are we still not allowed to mention guys who were dying in the movie?

cause right now it seems like nothing is really finally decided


Slender man dies in Infinity War


I mentioned everyone that died in the film in my first post LMAO. And yet, nobody has clocked it. :joy:


man thats awesome…now that i read it



It took a good 10 mins, but I think it was worth it if people want to do the digging.


i get it because i know numerous characters,

Luther is a very good show

Sherlock vould be two of the Actors :wink:


My school CCA incharge dies in the infinity war!! :unamused:


Carlton DIIW


All of the British Men Of Letters in Supernatural die in Infinity War


@Honey8 please reframe from “killing” actual people in this game