Who Dies In Avengers: Infinity War Game


:no_mouth::confused: okay.
Strawberry shortcake girls die in infinity war.


Spider man dies in Infinity War even though iron onion said he can’t :stuck_out_tongue:


Please reframe from spoilers


Lol, we’re talking about our superhero disguises here in the forums, you know, cause we’re such nerds and all. :joy::sweat_smile: (so not the real Spider-Man)


Sorry Ace, we have a rule: you can’t change your character, at least someone kills him/her. And your thread is the only one we can use to do that. I hope you don’t care.


Look Infintiy War is on DVD from Monday here in the UK and I think after 2-4 weeks we can kill off anyone from Infinity War as well

Until then



I didn’t know that was a spoiler until you said it was a spoiler!!! :sob::triumph: I watched 10 minutes of it yesterday and had to stop watching that one too :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:


4K ultra hd bluray for me!


Is your screen 4K though?


Yes, of course. And curved


Curved displays are a bit of a gimmick to me.


Batman dies in Infiny War, it doesn’t matter what @framos1792 says.


And it’s not a spoiler since Batman is dc :wink:


Toodles from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse dies in Infinity War


Fucking loathed that show as a kid. I had to keep watching it because my sister liked it.


My kids watched it repeatedly
The only I enjoyed on Disney Jr was Jungle Junction


Batman is from DC Comics so he’s all right.


:heart_eyes: you’re amazing to point that out! :star_struck:


:shushing_face: don’t say that! He doesn’t know! !!! :grimacing:


Iron man dies in Infinity war

It is done @IronSoldier16 and Joker has been revived by reanimation jutsu. (Naruto fans will get it)

And I blurred the spoiler so no getting in trouble :sweat_smile: