Who else is waiting for their CD to arrive instead of listening to the leaked version?


I’m not even checking the OML mega-thread for spoilers :joy: I just can’t wait to open my CD and slide it into my PC!


Waiting alongside with you, dude!


I honestly can’t wait. I’m sitting here trying to distract myself. I listen to at least 20 LP songs/tracks a day but I’m trying to avoid any songs for the next two days. Today was SUPER hard, I actually accidentally clicked on Invisible just for 2 seconds and then I turned it off :joy:


I’m waiting. It’s not easy.


Also, they are releasing facebook teasers with the music for nobody can save me and OML in the background…its like they are trying to make us find the leak.lol


I’m waiting aswell, don’t wanna spoil the big day!! :smiley:


I’ve pre-saved it on Apple Music
and the album grew on me, i sorta love it now
Booked the CD bundle today! Can’t wait for 19th


I am pretty sure I am scaring my postman…waiting for him on the porch. Swearing as I walk back in the house empty handed.
I’ll patiently wait again tomorrow and again the next day. When it arrives I’ll probably hug the guy too.


I’m waiting!!


I caved and listed to it on Youtube. A VERY different sound than you’re probably used to from Linkin Park. It’s about the farthest from Hunting Party that you can imagine. That’s not to say it’s bad at all. I need to listen to it more for sure, but it’s definitely more casual rock than hard rock. I do love how they are constantly trying new things and reinventing their sound. It has still made me more excited for the concert (Chicago - Pit).

Good listening all!


It is going to be a great Friday!! My hats off to the people with CDs!!! Is it fair to say that it is old school … Are we there ??


I’m finding with each Linkin Park release, the wait becomes easier. One More Light is the first time I haven’t heard a single song or soundbite leading up to the release. Plus, there’s plenty of new albums other bands are releasing to divert my attention away from LP (Incubus, New Found Glory, Paramore so far this year, just to name a few).


I’ve listened already to the album. I see no reason not to.


EVERYBODY already knows me at the local postal office :joy:


In my brain, One More Light is out on May 19th. Anything released or leaked prior to it, other than a single…in a way, it almost seems like cheating.

Maybe I’m just too “old school” in a sense. I love waiting until album release days (like I said already, not just Linkin Park, but any band), and going out to FYE or Best Buy and buying the physical CD (there aren’t too many places left, sadly…) bringing it home, and listening to everything for the first time at once.


YEP. I’m dying here :joy: I want it in my hands now so I can pop it in and finally listen to it!!


Definitely waiting for the CD, love taking in all the album artwork and info as I listen to it from start to finish!


I did listen to the leaks, but it was just a sneak peak i took. I waited till today to have the full expierience. I loved it! <3 :heart_eyes:


mine hasn’t arrived yet. If it doesn’t arrive tomorrow idk what I will do


Cant wait to have the album in my hands :smiley: