Who is a LPU lifer?


Hey everyone, i would like to know who else is a LPU Lifer and where are you from? ( it means that you’re in the LPU since lpu1 and LPUHQ send you a special letter but if you have it you know that :wink: )

LPU LIFERS of course this list is open, so let me know when you have received your letter :wink: or if i made a mistake or forgot someone

chazyfan; France
jneen277, NYC USA
jone KO, Norway
HybridFlip; Chicago USA
mydecember; Chicago USA
Skyler; Germany
Rianna; CA USA


Too bad I’m not [sad]


i am! i’m from La Mirada, CA :slight_smile:
i received the letter on my b-day! best gift ever! :slight_smile:


WTF no I havent been one for life I am afraid :frowning:


i forget to tell that i’m from France :slight_smile:


only 3 for the moment!!! lol i don’ t think that we are only 3; come guys, let us know where you are.


wow oO what was in the letter? would you mind to share it?


wow oO what was in the letter? would you mind to share it?


yes that’s right, you found a good clue, you will probably receive the letter soon :wink:


When did you join the LPU1? in 2001 or 2002?


btw who can do like a little summary about the site look, how the chat was, meet and greets, merch pack, like everything from the past, meet and greets, benefits etc


… i’m not… :frowning: i wish i was :frowning:


i joined the lpu1 in december 2001


[quote=chazyfan]i joined the lpu1 in december 2001

I also joined the LPU in December 2001. I’m looking forward to getting my lifer note, I’m still waiting on my LPU11 package lol. :slight_smile: I’m from Chicago, IL., and my old LPU forum name was BLinkinParkDDR.


did not receive my LPU package yet… BUT… the LPU lifer letter came! free tickets [biggrin]


I am! I live in Philadelphia right now… just got my letter!


Still waiting for the letter, looking forward to what this is all about. [biggrin]


wow oO what was in the letter? would you mind to share it?

wait…so not only do lifers get free tickets, but they also get 10 more years of LPU for FREE!!! ahhhh that’s awesome!!!


I’m not an official “Lifer” but I have purchased every LPU package and was one of the first 100 in the Fort Minor Militia. I have been a member since '02. My first year, I was a member, I got the LPU 1+2 combo package. I’ve gotten every membership since. I’ve bought some packages at Best Buy and had issues with the codes but still, have been a member. I didn’t renew on time every year because I had some financial issues, but I did eventually get to it. I asked Adam about it, but, he said I don’t qualify because I didn’t renew without fail. So, I will dub myself LPU’s “Unofficial Lifer.” :slight_smile:


So what do u get guys? :slight_smile:
Free tickets apparently? what sort exactly?
And TEN years of free LPU :open_mouth: that is amazing I’m really envious :wink:
The problem kinda being 11 years ago I was 4 years old lol :smiley: