Who is your fav band member :D


ha ha ha this thread has been going on for years … lets do it one more time :wink: , lets see who gets the maximum number of counts .

Mike shinoda

Chester bennington

Joe hahn

Rob bourdon

Dave phoenix farrell

Brad delson


i love them all, but i have to say CHESTER [size=100][/size]:smiley:


me too love them all, :))) but my fav is Mike :smiley:


I love them all but Joe became the first [heart]


I love them all [heart]
But at first Joe [smile][lol] he is the best! [heart]


CHESTER!!! [smile][smile]


I love them all but my ultimate favourite is Rob.


Ok, Mike is my all time favorite for sooooooo many reasons which, if I start writing, I’ll never end BUT I do love and appreciate all of them! Even if one of them wasn’t in the band, Linkin Park simply wouldn’t be … Linkin Park :slight_smile:


Each of them is my favourite for thousands of reasons because Linkin Park wouldn’t exist if there weren’t Mike, Chester, Rob, Brad, Phoenix and Joe within the band. They’re a unique entity. I [heart] all of them.


Mike earned the top spot.


my fave is brad and mike :smiley: [smile][heart][mrgreen]

Brad was so funny when i met him




My favourite is MIKE. But all of them are individuals! [biggrin]


Mike Shinoda, but of course I love them all =p.


Chester! He has always been my favourite! [heart]


This question is not fair :wink: :smiley:

Each member is my favourite cause each one is so individuel and unique!


Its hard to choose, all of them r very talented in their ways, But I like MARK WAKEFIELD LOL


Mike Shinoda for president! [mrgreen]


you win [biggrin]


I have to go with Mike, I think he is the Brains of the Band. Though I do appreciate all the band members, Mike stands out the most.