Who is your favorite band member of Linkin Park


I am curious to see which member of Linkin Park is most popular among LPU fans


There’s already quite a few threads on this topic.




Though, I’m sure you people will just ignore this response and post anyway. Everyone has a tendency to do that.


Definitely Mike!


Rob of course. He is the drummer of Linkin Park and I respect that. Plus Rob has ways to get what he wants, like attention. Plus in all the videos he is always so shy and sweet.

Thankyou for letting me share, though im late.


despite the fact that all of them are special, Mike is my favorite


I couldn’t pick… all of them are special… lol but i enjoy chester’s growl and mike’s rap too


My baby Chester for sure, could watch and listen to him all day and all night!! He’s such a gorgeous man with the most beautiful and seductive voice, I could honestly say in my eyes he is the best singer on the planet he is that talented and his voice can do so much!! So not only does he have a mesmerizing voice but he is so teasingly attractive my heart brakes a little every time I watch him :’( He’s just irresistible


For me its Chester, I love his soulful voice, but all the guys are so great for the band. Everyone brings its special kind of which makes the band so unique [smile][razz]


cant really say, it wouldn’t be linkin park without even one of them, and they all have their own awesomeness :smiley: so I say all of em :stuck_out_tongue:


Phoenix! I think he is a great bassist and he have never messed up live. And of course, he plays cello snd violin too.