Who loves GREEN DAY?



Is anyone here a Green Day fan? And if so, what's your favorite and least favorite song by them?

i think someone already made a thread like this? idk… but green day is ok


green day is boring in MY OPINION…


I went through all ten pages of this “room” and I couldn’t find a Green Dsy thread. They are one of my favorite bands. My favorite album is 1039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours however my top three are “Lights Out” off the Know Your Enemy EP, “Cigarettes and Valentines,” and “Blood Sex and Booze.” 1039/SOSH is one of those play from first track to last sort of albums. I was listening to them since 2003 but A.I got me hooked. No, I’m not an A.I teenie. Death to teenies.
I’m so pumped for ¡UNO! “Kill the DJ” is amazing. I’m so syched.


My Favorite Album of theirs is Warning. My absolute favorite song is Good Riddance(Time Of Your Life)
I have seen them live twice and they put on such a great show!


they’re amazing! by far i think that dookie is the best, and my fav song is when i come around


I almost got on stage with them to sing the 3rd verse of Longview in Nashville a few years back.lol Jason was about to pull me up and Billie Joe said he wanted a girl.


Seeing them at the Emirates Stadium in London on June 1. Really excited.


one of my favourite bands :smiley:


There going to play show here at a venue that only holds about 1000 people in December unfortunately sold out already.


I also liked Green-day!
Alot of their songs are very meaningful and get the fist-pumping feel![biggrin]
Let’s hope they can also make a detour to Africa![geek]


I like their new album ¡UNO!


I love them too! Right now I’m really into “Let Yourself Go” and “Kill the DJ”. [razz]


I really love Green Day, because, Green Day is the first band I’ve seen in live
My favorite album is NImrod, and my favorite song is Nice Guys Finish Last


One of my favs bands too! And for me too, it’s the first band I’ve seen live some years ago…
Fav albums: 1039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hour, Insomniac, Dookie, American Idiot.
Fav songs: Going To Pasalacqua, She, When I Come Around, Jesus Of Suburbia, Panic Song, Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life) and other more (I’m not that good in listing “fav things” about music XD)…
Lately I don’t listen to them very often, but I like 'em anyway.


One of my favourite bands!I really like 21 guns


Someone kill the DJJJJJJ!!
I love Good Riddance and Boulevard of Broken Dreams :smiley:


i love Green Day as well, not as much as LP though… My favorite song is Viva La Gloria.


well, I love GD, I think they’re fuckin good. I’d love to go to the GD show