Who opens for who?


Obviously mute math opens for both but who goes next? I assume linkin park will be the headlining event for the summit but I’m unsure. Like a dumb ass I’m late on reserving a summit pass, anyone who is selling there’s I will buy just sayin…


Probably mutemath, incubus, then LP.
And I read something about “Jared Stein (& Danielle)” not attending anymore in one of the forums. I have no idea what their usernames are. But at this point it may be too late, anyway, to be able to join the group.


Im pretty sure LP is last to go on


I was told Linkin Park is not necessarily headlining every show. There will be some shows when Incubus closes out the show AFTER Linkin Park. They said the decision is made a couple of days in advance. Soooo, I guess it’s hit & miss.